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Wray Miller was born in Tucson, Arizona, to a Railroad Brakeman and a Telegraph Operator both employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad. In 1960, the family relocated to the Ozark Mountain Region in Missouri where she spent the young and formative years of her life in a small rural community. As a child, Wray Miller dreamed of being a writer, but never had the opportunity to pursue it.

In 1972, after the death of her father, she and her mother returned to Tucson where she met and married a young Vietnam Veteran still serving in the military. Being married to an Army-man presented new opportunities for Wray, like world travel. After spending several years traveling and exploring The United States and various other countries, she settled down to raise her three children in Central Maine.

In 1992, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel with her family, where she pursued her lifelong goal and began work on her first novel entitled Cerulean Blue. Using experiences from her life and many travels mixed with her unique storytelling abilities, she constructed a story that in her own words "Would provoke thought and bring awareness about the dangers the individual faces by accepting the spoon-fed reality given to them by the New World aristocracy."

Wray Miller presently lives in Reno, Nevada with her family. She works in a local office for an international corporation, and is currently working on her second novel, the sequel to Cerulean Blue - Alizarin Crimson.

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