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Cerulean Blue
by Wray Miller

Antarctica, 1995.

Scientists make an astonishing discovery; a new species of seaweed - Azurophytae. Researchers soon discover that this new plant holds a wealth of medicinal properties, in particular, anti-aging benefits. Quickly known as Cerulean Blue, Azurophytae is refined and developed into an anti-aging, cryonic-like preservative.

Facing a deteriorating ecology, United Nations Corporation's Chairman, Reginald Erlichmann, devises a plan to "Save the World" from itself. The plan is to combine the discovery of the Azurophytae with the science of Cryonics to place a percentage of the population into a Cerulean Blue induced hibernation for 30 years in order to give a wounded planet a chance to heal from the vast pollution and over-population that threatens the existence of all mankind. Erlichmann uses the power of the media, the influence of the Corporation, and the blind obedience of those who strive to be politically correct to convince Europe and the Western World that his plan is the only option.

Although embraced by the majority of the world, there are groups who do not trust the noble intentions of Uni-Corp and suspect that the plan is an attempt at world domination.

In the midst of this is Harold Womack. Awake and aware in the world in which he lives, Womack stands as a watchman and has spent a lifetime preparing himself and his family for the troubles caused by the sudden appearance of the global United Nations Corporation.

Womack's eldest daughter, Lynn, an eager young scientist, finds herself working for the new Uni-Corp. Present in the discovery and development of the new seaweed, Lynn unwittingly discovers a communiqué from Uni-Corp Headquarters to her superior discussing the true intent of Erlichmann and Uni-Corp. Suddenly finding herself in danger, she makes a desperate attempt to warn her father before she vanishes from existence.

Harold Womack receives the warning from his daughter and escapes with his family to the jungles of South America. Not knowing the fate of his daughter, Womack begins to search for her and soon becomes entangled in a war between Uni-Corp and the rebel insurgents who oppose them.

Harold Womack is now one man trying to find his daughter in a world even he never believed could exist.

Cerulean Blue is a tale that inspires thought and awareness of the individual's responsibility toward their own destiny and the dangers of willful compliance.