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"....Cerulean Blue is an interesting "what if?" kind of book. At times it rings a little too true to reality for my comfort. Wray Miller has created an alternate reality to the present day, and it is one on which I am glad I can just close the covers of the book on. Her writing is detailed and precise, entertaining and a bit scary!

Cerulean Blue will find you turning pages and anticipating more from this author."

Heather Froeschl -

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It all started with the seals in the Antarctic. Why did some of the seal pups look like newborns when they were in fact, a year old? Cerulean Blue by Wray Miller is a superbly written story of duplicity, World domination and environmentalism gone mad.

The World is dying under the weight of mankind and its environmental disasters. It will take 30 years for it to recover but only one man and his vision can achieve this and only if he can convince the world of the need for his ‘Save our Planet’ plan. A marketing campaign is started and both Academia, the upper echelon of society and the ordinary man in the street become the willing recipients of the scheme. But why are there three different types of repositories?

Cerulean Blue is an interesting blend using historical fact with futuristic fiction. This book is not just a first-rate story it causes the reader to contemplate history and it’s recurrence given the right circumstances. Is the ordinary man in the street so inured to media control that he becomes a ‘sheep to the slaughter’? How far would we go to uphold our beliefs? Would we be willing to be labelled insurrectionists? Will the earth and mankind survive? All of these questions come to mind while being entertained reading a well researched and skilfully written book.

Suzanne Claud -

Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards author of Journey Into Terror

What is science fiction today may be the truth tomorrow as space travel and medical research has proven time and again. And thus it may come about that the author of Cerulean Blue has seen the future (if we aren't careful).

Scientists working in the South Atlantic discover a blue seaweed and set off a series of events that changes the world. The world is divided into two camps, one ruled by Uni Corp that is ruled by one man, and the other camp ruled by the Chinese. The two have squared off and wait the inevitable war, but in the meantime, Uni Corp has its problems with a few groups that oppose them and what they stand for.

One such group is led by Harold Womack, a man trying to protect his family and who doesn't see himself as a world savior. Womack is, however, considered number one enemy by Uni Corp and they pull out all the stops to catch him.

Cerulean Blue is written by a talented author, Wray Miller, who takes us forward in time to what seems a possible replay of history, yet there is much more to this story and it is well worth the time to read it. You will be left to consider how things are and ought to be, and the question, 'Could this happen' will bother you because you know it could. This is a well written, well thought out story and comes highly recommended by this reader. Enjoy.

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Reviewed by Gregory J. Dolnack from StoryTellers Archive

Mr. Murphy, be so kind as to send Gwendolyn back in, on your way out. I wish to discuss these distasteful and tactless acronyms currently in use, BUGS, PIA, RIP... what is that again?
Rest in Purgatory...I mean, Rebel Insurgent Personnel, Sir.
UCP is really the only acceptable one... Uni-Corp Personnel... of course, if one is not a member of Uni-Corp, is he truly acceptable anyway?

-Reginald Erlichmann, Chairman and CEO of the United Nations Corporation, and Wendall Murphy, his right hand man.

<Full disclosure: I am writing this review on the request of the author, who supplied me with the actual book; because of this, my opinion may go wildly in either direction, although I'll try to maintain an open, but fair, mind while reviewing this book. I appreciate the chance being taken by the author, given that I'm as likely to dislike a book as much as like it, and there's no way of knowing how I'll feel about a specific book until I read it. With all that out of the way, on with the show.>

Earth is a mess. An ecological disaster waiting to happen. Between pollution and overpopulation, it's only a matter of time before the damage becomes irreversible. But there is a way to help the planet to heal: give it a break for thirty years. Thirty years of no human interference. It wouldn't be possible without the discovery of a species of seaweed named Azurophytae...and becomes better known as Cerulean Blue. With it, it becomes possible to change the world. The problem is that in order to change the world, everyone has to be on the same page. Human nature often doesn't work like that....

Cerulean Blue is the first book in what looks like a trilogy. The book begins with a pair of storylines: one chronicles the discovery of Cerulean Blue, and the even more amazing discoveries of unique properties, leading up to the grand solution of the potential ecological disaster: with Cerulean Blue, humanity can hibernate for the next thirty years, and in that time, the planet would have time to heal itself of the damage done to it. The plan is carried forth under the auspices of the United Nations Corporation, with the guidance of Reginald Erlichmann. Too bad his goals aren't nearly as noble as those of the scientists who came up with the idea-it's a lot easier to control the world when you control who's awake and who isn't. The second storyline interspersed with the first is what comes after, seven years after the discovery of Cerulean Blue, and centers primarily on Harold Womack; one of the ones who haven't been put into hibernation, primarily because his daughter Lynn sent him the truth behind Uni-Corp's project, and disappeared because of it. His driving goal is to find out where she is, and fortunately, he has his family and some friends to help (not to mention duct tape-trust me on this).

To be honest, I wasn't really taken by the book in the beginning; fortunately, I kept reading, and I found myself drawn into the book before I knew it (maybe it was the back-and-forth between present and past in the first part of the book). The world in the time of Cerulean Blue is quite different; after all, the main purpose of getting mankind into hibernation was to stop ecological damage, and as a result, there isn't much in the way of industrial centers. Those who are still awake are the ones who have never trusted government in the first place-survivalists and militias. This isn't unique to the U.S, either-there's at least one world hot-spot that has undergone a stunning reversal in fortunes, and is very relevant to the situation in the post-Blue world.

There are a number of characters to keep track of in this book, too; besides Womack and his family, and Erlichmann. A small sample: Erlichmann's right hand, Wendall Murphy, is a man who understands the precariousness of his position (I'd be nervous too!); Terrence Blackwell, a computer expert who developed a seriously vicious defense system, who remained ignorant of the truth when he went into hibernation; Dr. Kendrik Halen, a scientist who had been involved with the discovery of the Blue, and now a loose cannon in the post-Blue world; and Derrich Gruber, a truly contemptible human being who would have fit in well with the Nazis. Fortunately, as the book proceeds, there are a number of helpful dossiers on many of the primary characters, supplied by a mysterious "Kelley" within Uni-Corp.

As I said, things pick up as one reads through the book, and there are a number of surprising turnarounds and mysteries with a number of characters, as well as a surprise concerning the Blue that will change humanity above and beyond mere hibernation. (It's amazing how many uses Blue has, incidentally; Womack and co. use it as an integral part of their tactics, and Erlichmann and his inner circle use it for a significantly different purpose) It's also obvious that Miller has more to tell in this world, as a sequel is scheduled sometime this year; there's plenty of world to explore in this changed planet, and there's plenty of problems to take care of still.

If you get the chance to read Cerulean Blue, be sure to read it to the end-it'll make you think, and that's no mean feat for any number of books out these days.

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Grand apocalyptic fiction -- June 30, 2004 -- Reviewer: RebeccaReads from Clallam Bay, WA United States

Rebeccasreads recommends CERULEAN BLUE for its novel ideas about how to save the world from its worst enemy: us; its rip-snortin' action, & all the energetic characters: villains & heroes alike.

Wray Miller weaves into CERULEAN BLUE Big Thoughts about a new world order after a global biotech company has gained control of the politically gullible, yearning for a better, longer life; where nations make unlikely unions; where the manipulation & murder of the masses for the greater good has come about; where the rivalry between intelligence & commonsense, evil & good are played out in invisible boardrooms; where the survival of ingenious individuals living on the fringes are the only hope.

If you think the scenario of CERULEAN BLUE a bit far fetched, remember what happened in the first half of the 20th century: the similarities to Adolph Hitler's plans for his Master Race & Final Solution are everywhere, & we couldn't believe them until they were breathing down our necks!


This is not a casual read -- August 01, 2004 -- Reviewer: Armand Rosamilia from FL United States

"Cerulean Blue" by Wray Miller. It would be easy to dismiss this great-looking book as nothing more than science fiction. I am not a big sci-fi reader and was hesitant to open this one, but once I did, I was hooked.

This is not a casual read, "Cerulean Blue" is packed with suspense and the What If This Happened? factor that unnerves a reader. To give the reader a brief idea about this book is hard, but I'll try: a new speices of seaweed is discovered, and it holds a key to many medical wonders. United Nations Corporation devises a plan to save the world. Or does he?


Action lovers will love this novel! But other more serious readers will be left with haunting questions about the use of science in the future! - December 28, 2004 -- Reviewer: Viviane Crystal

It is said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. With that memory, the 21st Century public is cautious about the use of ever-new scientific technology, advances that are not assumed automatically to benefit mankind. But what if the vigilant guards are not as perceptive as they need to be? What if a twisted mind uses scientists and intellectuals to create a new society without pollution that threatens humanity's very existence? What if there is a more sinister plot in process that is worse than the original problem?

Such is the plot spun by Wray Miller in Cerulean Blue , named for the gelatinous type of algae that can be used like cryonics to freeze humans in time so that the earth can replenish its staggering losses. Or can it? For who will be alive to treasure earth's restoration?

Cerlulean Blue takes place in time frames that flip backward and forward, building the intensity of both protagonists and antagonists to fulfill their goal constantly thwarted by the opponent.

Meet the Womack family who are determined to high jack every advance of the cerulean blue project, one which has three sections for intellectuals and financial giants, one for those who can be used as workers in the future, and one where the inferior are killed. Yes, Reginald Gottfried Erlichman (whose last name closely resembles the Nazi murderer, Adolf Eichmann) parallels the vision of Adolf Hitler . Erlichman's nightmarish plan is juxtaposed by the Womacks' military skills and light-hearted family bantering and closeness. Agonize with Dr. Ben Ezra who knows exactly what is happening with the cerulean blue discovery but is powerless to stop it. The analogy of Pope Sixtus to the Pope Pius of Hitler's day is also quite evident - why is the Church willing to condone anything as long as no one interferes with its dominion?

Laugh at Wendall Leslie Murphy, in charge of security for Erlichman's United Nations Corporation, whose desire to save his own skin and smart-aleck attitude belies his inept ability to thwart attacks on cerulean blue facilities. Smirk at Derek Gruber who fancies himself Erlichman's indispensable male lover but who is quickly exiled after complaining too much.

The plot races with attacks on storage and death facilities, super-laser technology that is not quite as "perfect" as planned but which provides hair-raising scenes that the reader can actually envision and which rival the most violent of today's popular movies - as a matter of fact, this would make a good action movie!

Action lovers will love this novel! But other more serious readers will be left with haunting questions about the use of science in the future!

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Cerulean Blue - November 16, 2004 -- Reviewer: Jack P. Wise B.S., M.S.from
  The entire planet earth is fast approaching the brink of environmental disaster; entire species have died out and the ozone is rapidly depleting. The managers of Uni-Corp, who now control most of the world’s population and governments, attempt to put everyone into “The Blue Gel," made from a seaweed that has been discovered to have anti-aging and life-preserving qualities. Some of the preserved population is destined to be reawakened in 30 years, but the remainder of the population will simply be disposed of, getting rid of the “unwanted humanity” as seen by Uni-Corp. However, pockets of resistance by rebel factions exist in various parts of the world, fighting against impossible odds to maintain no more than a simple way of life, unhindered by Uni-Corp.

There are places where the story is a bit hard to follow (but they are few) and a few places where it bogs down a little with descriptions and narratives. However, the story idea is very good and Mr. Miller takes only enough writing license to keep the story on a believable track. This book will most certainly appeal to the sci-fi buffs and adventure readers.


Independent Book Reviews:

Thank you for giving me the chance to read this book! -- April 13, 2004 -- Reviewer: Mia Gray from Boise ID

The story opens with the discovery of a miraculous blue seaweed that has the benefit of slowing the aging process down dramatically. This youth elixir becomes the primary means of a world domination plan by a shallow, conscienceless German man, Herr Erlichmann and his United Nations Corporation.

The story takes European Holocaust history and expands it into a farther reaching global control by the Neo-Nazi like men in this story; although they call themselves employees of the Corporation, not Nazis, they are the same kind of bad guys going after the Jews and those biologically unsuitable to regenerate.

The heroes in the story are the family loving folks that are adept at survival: Harold Womack, his wife Shelby, their kids, and Womack's friends. They are living in a world that has basically shut down as we know it due to the mass storage of billions of people in the blue serum for later regeneration or disposal. How the people travel from the Missouri Ozarks to the South American base camp was never clear. I was also unsure in South America was the continent or the southern part of North America (as the whole world changed). But the inexplicable logistics didn't deter my liking the story.

The characters were often witty and likable but the story was clearly plot driven. There are so many characters I had trouble keeping track until about the middle of the book. The dateline and location of the characters changed every chapter which confused me sometimes.

The story seems to have a moral. It is to make you think about how things are not always what they seem and to keep your eyes open for a world domination plan running under the guise of 'saving the world' or something similar. When we think of the real atrocities of W.W.II and how a civilized nation could have allowed the innocent slaughter of millions of people we have to be humble enough to say we could be duped again into a plan that murders the innocents but next time it could look like a plan to help the environment. This is the lesson that the author wants to get across in the story while telling an interesting story.

In a world that is being taken over by a corporate machine run by the cruel and the selfish who do we trust? And in a world that has become a place of fighting for daily survival for everyone but the elite, I imagine I would rather be encased in the blue elixir until the kind and good people get a grip on things again.

I enjoyed reading the story. To make it better for me I would have liked the timeline to flow better and to have the characters developed more. Thank you for giving me the chance to read this book. If I saw the sequels in the store I would purchase them.


WOW! -- May 7, 2004 -- Reviewer: Mark Krauss from Miami, FL

I finished the book and it was spectacular! Honest. I do a lot of recreational reading since I spend so much time on airplanes and I truly have to say that I think this book is one of my top ten. Wray Miller has a fantastic imagination and wonderful style of writing. I can't wait to see the next one.

Great Story! -- May 7, 2004 -- Reviewer: Harold from Sun Valley, NV

This story is captivating and realistic. There is great storytelling that makes the reader really think about the choices one must make in their lives and the possible repercussions of those choices. Cerulean Blue has many unique and identifiable characters that make you care about them and their outcome. I really enjoyed the way Wray Miller brings the story to a climax without any loose ends and leaves room for a sequel. I really look forward to more from this exciting new author. Great job Wray Miller!

Customer Reviews from

I have 10 friends waiting to read this book!-- February 16, 2004
Reviewer: Joe Wryals from Polk City, FL

Wow! I received "Cerulean Blue" on 2-04-04 and read 150 pages, on the 4-5-6 each and finished it on Sat. the 7th. I could not put it down once I picked it up. :)

Web Griffen has been my favorite writers since 1988 but I think I now have a new favorite. :) Really with Griffen I have read his different series "Brotherhood of War" - Army 25 times, all except the last one. His Corps series 15 times, except the last one. And his Police one, 7 times, except the latest ones.

When I finished "Cerulean Blue" it was just like having to leave some people I was just getting to be friends with. While I know that the book is fiction - The Author brings out the people very, very well. The love that Shelby shows, not only to her family but also to others has to have been lived. And while Lynn, Patsy, Lily, Curt and Harold are all fiction - I will surely believe there were role models somewhere.

I hope to be able to read more novels by Wray Miller - and continue to get to know my new friends. I have 10 friends waiting to read it and will tell them to tell their friends and families to buy copies also.

I will let the VVA librarian read it and ask him to have the Chapter to buy copies of "Cerulean Blue" as well as the other books as they become available.

I like the style of the cover, as I'm able to use the flaps as bookmarkers. Also the pages are easy to turn using the upper corner when turning pgs.

Wray Miller, keep writing you are Great, I have read many books, Mithner, Smith, Brow, LaCorr, John Jakes and many, many, more. I use to work in a library and have always loved reading even as a kid. And none that I've ever read are any better and many not as good as you are. I'm a fan :)and will tell everyone I can to get your books.
Fascinating Story! -- January 23, 2004
Reviewer: Jan Cunningham from Reno, NV

Wray Miller has written a vivid, fascinating story. Compelling and dimensional characters with an intriguing plot.
Great Book! -- January 23, 2004
Reviewer: J. Coburn from California

Wray Miller weaves a riveting tale of a frightening world. A haunting perspective of the future.
A captivating read... -- January 23, 2004
Reviewer: Lori C. Murphy from Reno, NV

I could not put it down! The characters sprung to life as I cheered them on to triumph over the "bad guys".
Cerulean Blue -- January 19, 2004
Reviewer: Judy from Boise, ID USA

This is an excellent book. I do not usually read futuristic type books but this one wasn't so far fetched that it kept my interest. It was an original idea for a story, which was very well written and suspenseful. It was so easy to picture, understand and sympathize with the characters. I had a hard time putting Cerulean Blue down to do other things. I can't wait for the next book. Great job Wray Miller.
Cerulean Blue -- December 25, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from Sun Valley, Nevada United States

I've read my share of futuristic, Post-Apocalypse novels in my day. A lot of them are in the vein of Mad Max where nuclear war devastates the planet and survivors eek out their existance in a harsh dog-eat-dog world. But I've never read anything quite like Cerulean Blue. It's kind of Post-Apocalypse without the Apocalypse.

Instead of going into a long description, I'll point you to the Book Description above, it's pretty accurate without giving too much away. I will tell you that it's scary how current events tie in with the story, and when I found out that Miller wrote this ten years ago, it gave me goosebumps.

There are many levels to this book and it approaches the scenario from multiple angles which is really interesting and I commend Wray Miller on this.

You have the side of Uni-Corp, an evolution of the UN.

You have the side of Harold Womack, who is just a guy who wants to be left alone, and for his family to be safe and accounted for.

You have the side of the Scientists, who as usual, let the cat out of the bag and then are shocked when everything goes south.

And you have the side of the Rebel Insurgents. People who rebel against Uni-Corp consisting of: Jews, Arabs, Communists, American Militia Groups, South Americans and pretty well anyone who could escape the grasp of Uni-Corp.

They all have their own agendas and their own ways of dealing with the problems at hand.

The characters in this book are the driving force. They are all well-drawn and you actually care about their fates. Whether you love or hate them, you want to know what's going to happen to them, and I love that Miller added Personal I.D. Files for the main characters - an awesome touch.

The story is well thought out and imagined and Miller's writing style is smooth and intelligent. It's probably the most original story I've read in years. I don't think I've ever read anything even close to it and it's so complex that it's hard to actually tell you what the story is about in less than 10 paragraphs. I can tell you that it will keep you consumed up to the last page.

I definitely recommend this book. It's the best 8 hours I've spent this year on a book. I can't wait for the sequel Alizarin Crimson.
All I can say is WOW! -- December 25, 2003
Reviewer: bort78 from USA

This is possibly the best book I've read in years. I found out about this through a friend of mine and I was reluctant at first. Now I'm kicking myself for waiting as long as I did! This book was so good that I bought a copy for pratically everyone I know for Christmas.

This book is exicting, has an original story, interesting plot, solid writing, well drawn characters, and is a real page turner. As good as this book is, I couldn't believe that it's not on a Bestseller list. Truly an awesome find. I would recommend this book to anyone.
Powerful Page-Turner! -- December 24, 2003
Reviewer: Tina Wee from USA

If you are looking for a story with a rich, potent plot that will hold your interest right up until you've reached the back cover, this novel is for you! It's full of suspense, intrigue and action. And as an added bonus, I found that it stimulated my intellect as well! This book will keep you turning pages and looking forward to a sequel!
Cerulean Blue is AWESOME! -- December 17, 2003
Reviewer: Nikki L. Shelton from Reno, NV

I started reading this book and I literally couldn't put it down. The whole concept is really scary and I can't wait to read the next one!