Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you do about security?
We use industry-standard SSL encryption to scramble your customers' sensitive information.

Do we have to sign a contract with MillerWeb, Inc. or Dollars by Design?
You must agree to our Terms of Service, but you aren't committed for any length of time; you can cancel whenever you want.

Can we have as our address?
Yes, many of our users do. We include an easy tool that lets you register your own domain name ( If you already have a domain name, you can use the tool to transfer it.

How are customers' orders processed?
Within the electronic commerce section of your site owner administration system, you can determine how your customers' orders will be processed. You have the following options:

  1. E-Mail ordering only:
    Choose this option to receive orders via email only. You can then print your orders out and process them offline.
  2. E-commerce Ready:
    You will choose this option if you already have an E-commerce transaction processing account.
  3. Online Transaction Processing:
    If you have a merchant account but are not currently able to process transactions on the Internet then this option will allow you to set up your online transaction processing.
  4. New Merchant Account:
    Choose this option to apply for a merchant account through one of our selected merchant account providers.
  5. Accept Credit Cards Now:
    Choose this option to start accepting credit cards immediately without establishing a merchant account.

We don't have a merchant account yet. Can you help us get one?
Yes, you can apply online through one of our selected merchant account providers. Your application will be processed quickly. When you're accepted, your new merchant account will be integrated into your store automatically.

Do we need to have our own merchant account to process credit cards?
No. We have made arrangements for you to accept credit cards immediately, without establishing a merchant account or paying any set-up fees. This is ideal for a business that is just starting out, where online sales volume is unknown. All websites by default are set to email ordering. Our system captures the data and lets the website owner know they have received an order. It is then the website owners' responsibility to use their in store card swiper to process the transaction.

Do we have to know HTML?
No. All you need to do, in order to create a site, is utilize the simple point and click interface provided in your site owner administration system.
On the other hand, if you want to embed HTML tags in the text that you enter, you can.

Can we include keywords on our site so that search engines can find us?
Yes. Within the page administration section of your site owner administration system, you can enter keywords that search engines utilize when processing user searches.

Can we change our site once we've created it?
Yes. You can update your site as often as you'd like, from wherever you happen to be. While you're editing your site, visitors continue to see the previous version, once you update your changes, the new version instantly becomes visible.

Does our site have to look the same as all the others?
Far from it. You have complete control over the look of your site. Each site has its own distinctive look and structure.

Can we use our own images?
Yes. We give you the ability to upload images from your computer to our server within your site owner administration system. Once uploaded, you can utilize your images almost anywhere on your site.

Can we upload our own HTML files?
Yes, you can use the convenient upload tool to transfer your custom html and image files from your computer to our server.

Can we get statistics about what is happening in our site?
With our access statistics report system, you can track the number of visitors to each of your pages, on a daily basis. You can also track the visitor's location and from which site they were coming from.

Do we need any special hardware or software to use?
You don't need anything more than you needed to read this page.

Will MillerWeb, Inc. help me drive traffic to my site?
Yes, you can submit your site to different search engines using our simple search engine submission tool.

We already have a web site. Can we just add E-commerce?
Yes, you can choose to only utilize MillerWeb, Inc.'s shopping catalog system, and link to it from your existing site.

Will anyone else have access to our sales data?
Absolutely not. You are the only person that will have access to your order information.

Do I have to be located in the US ?
We place no limitations on where your business is located. However, international trade agreements between your country and the country of your customer may impose certain limitations and/or tariffs.

What kind of network connection do you have?
Our servers are on a high speed, dedicated line, which will ensure that you and your customers always have fast and reliable access to your site.

What do you use as servers?
Our software operates on multiple servers that run either Windows NT or Linux operating systems.

What do you do about backups?
We have dedicated systems to ensure that a duplicate copy of all your data is maintained at all times.

What are your prices for a packaged deal like this?
Please visit our Pricing page for more details on customizing your site for your business.