Website Owner Features & Benefits

Unlimited Hits - Unlike those bargain basement Internet solutions, we allow you to have unlimited hits to your websites. Our high performance clustered web server technology will assure that no matter how big your online business grows, your customers will continue to enjoy lightning fast access to your site with no pesky, monthly limits on the number of hits.

Unlimited Pages, Links, Images - Just like our policy of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hits, your site is able to contain as many pages, links and images (up to the 500MB maximum) as you need. Our advanced set of website tools that are included with your site, make adding pages, links and images a breeze.

General Features & Benefits

Get Your Business Online, Fast - Your website includes all of the tools necessary to get your business online, fast. In a matter of minutes you will have a fully functioning website, complete with all the tools you need to do business on the Internet. You'll have your own site administration login, which enables you to make an unlimited amount of changes to your site while taking advantage of the advanced site design tools we've built in.

20 Email Aliases Included - Your site includes 20 e-mail aliases which allow you to use your website domain name with 20 unique e-mail identities, such as or . If your business requires more than 20 e-mail aliases, no problem, just call our technical support number and tell us how many e-mail aliases you need. Our friendly and helpful support representatives will be happy to assist you in the process of adding as many e-mail aliases as you need.

500 Megabytes of Disk Space Included - Each website include a whopping 500MB of disk space. This is enough space to hold most websites, including detailed images of all your products. If your website ever approaches the 500MB limit, we have additional storage space plans to offer a virtually unlimited amount of disk space.

Live Tech Support With No Per Call Charges - Unlike those stripped down bargain basement solutions, our websites include live tech support with no per call charges. Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is ready to help you in the event that you experience any problems.

Unlimited Number Of Custom Domain Names - Your website includes tools that allow you to register any number of competitively priced domain names to use with your website.

No Bandwidth Charges - There are no bandwidth capacity limits imposed on your website. Many ISPs put a bandwidth cap on each website and they will either disable your site once the cap is reached or charge exorbitant fees for any data transferred from your site once the limit is reached. We don't put bandwidth limits on your site, and you can be assured that your customers will have lighting fast, rock solid unlimited access to your site 24/7.

Keep Your Business Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week - Your website allows you to extend business hours to "always open" on the Internet. You'll have a complete Internet solution that comes with everything you need to:

. Allow your customers to place orders for your products or services

. Get detailed information about your products or services

. Deliver maps and driving directions to your customers

. Allow your customer to communicate with you via email

. Much, much more. 

Unlimited Site Modifications - Using our advanced set of website maintenance tools, making modifications to your site is simple. An unlimited number of changes can be applied to your website, all at no additional charge.

No Lengthy Contract Commitment - Unlike other solutions that force you to agree to a lengthy website contract (with steep cancellation penalties), we give you the freedom to cancel at any time with no hidden fees.

Managed Hosting Platform & Security

Multi-Gigabyte Data Transfer Capacity - Our Internet servers are hosted on an ultra high capacity, highly redundant tier 1 Internet backbone. This means that as your Internet business grows we'll be ready to handle your increased traffic with ease.

Double Layer Firewall Protection - Rest assured that your website is safe with us. We use a dual firewall system which protects your website from unwanted intruders.

Secure Directories - With your website you have the option of setting up secure areas within your website. These secure areas can be password protected, enabling you to securely provide sensitive information to a select few.

Built In E-Commerce Capabilities

25,000 Item Product Catalog Included - A 25,000 item product catalog is included with your website, enabling you to instantly display your products to the world. The product catalog includes advanced features to insure that you can easily group your products the way you want, and offer the product options that you need.

Integrated Product Catalog Upload Feature - Importing a large product catalog of existing products into your site is a breeze with our product upload feature. This simple upload procedure can be used as often as needed to insure that your website catalog is current.

Receive Product Orders Instantly via E-Mail - Your website includes the ability to receive product orders from your website in real-time via e-mail.

Receive Product Orders By Fax - In addition to the e-mail order notification, product orders from your website can also be faxed nightly to you.

Process Orders Online In Real-time - By adding merchant account services to your site, you can process your customers orders online and in real-time.

Inventory Control Keeps Tabs On Your Online Inventory - Use the inventory control feature of your website to let your customer know if an item is in stock or backordered. You can optionally use the inventory control feature to decide how to handle orders for out of stock items. You can choose to either accept orders with out of stock items or not. online and in real-time.

Management Tools

Simple Site Modifying Tools - Your website includes a collection of tools designed to work together, allowing you to make simple or complex changes to your site. All this without the need for knowing HTML or purchasing additional software. The entire suite of applications works from right within your browser, so your site administration is as close as any Internet connected computer.

Integrated Flash Animation Editor - Creating high quality "flash" animations for your website is easy with our integrated Flash editor. You'll have many high quality animation templates to choose from, plus you can modify the text message and images for your custom flash animation.

Chat Room Application - Use the built-in chat component on your website and you can have "one on one" or group chat sessions with your customers. The Java enabled chat room component has advanced features such as user created chat rooms, permanent chat rooms and password protected chat rooms. All the chat room features are controlled from within the website administration, making it easy to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Contact Manager - Using your site's built-in contact management system, you can create a list of your customers and send them email. The capability for delivering your company's message to your list of customers is built right into your website with an easy to use interface.

Usage Statistics - Using the statistics tool in your website, you can find out where your website's traffic is coming from, what search engines are sending you traffic, which keywords are giving you the most hits and how many total hits you've had on your website.

Image Libraries - Our image library allows you to choose from over 16,000 high quality images which are optimized for the world wide web. We have images from many industries, categorized and ready for you to use.

Integrated Site Promotion Tools - The integrated site promotion tools from within your website take the mystery out of getting your website listed in the major search engines. The site promotion tools guide you through setting the meta-tags for your pages, choosing your keywords and page descriptions, and then automatically submits your website to the major search engines.

Graphic Creation & Editing Tools - No need to purchase expensive image editing software, or hire a graphic designer because your site includes powerful Java based image editing software. You can easily upload pictures to your site and then use the image editing tools built in to your site to crop, resize, and optimize your images. The built in logo creation tools allow you to make beautiful high quality logos and website banners, all without the need for purchasing any additional software.

File Cabinet - Your site includes a built in file manager, making it easy to manage all the assets of your site. Using the file cabinet, you can upload files, create directories, move and delete files. The file cabinet gives you an easy view of all the webpage, images and multimedia files that make up your website.

Built-in Sitewide Search Engine - When your site grows beyond the initial few pages, your customers will appreciate the built in website search engine. This search engine gives you the capability to put a "search box" on any or all pages in your site. Your website visitors can type in what they are looking for and they will be presented with a list of links within your site containing the desired keywords.

Integrated Maps & Driving Directions - Using your website to drive walk-in traffic to your business is simple with your website's integrated maps and driving directions. Your site automatically includes a map of your location and a link so customers can get door-to-door directions right to your business.

Calendar - Using the calendar tool allows you to add one or more interactive calendars to your website. This tool is great for online booking of events and appointments.

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