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New Book – Cerulean Blue by Wray Miller, a local Reno, NV author writes a tale to inspire thought and awareness.

The new novel by Wray Miller, Cerulean Blue is now available. Cerulean Blue is a Science Fiction novel about one man trying to find his daughter in a world that even he never believed could exist.
(ISBN: 0-9723948-1-8)

The new novel by Wray Miller, Cerulean Blue, is now available for purchase direct from the publisher and can be ordered online from and Barnes & Noble through Alibris.

Cerulean Blue is a novel over ten years in the making which is set in an alternate future that closely mirrors the possibilities of our own.

After the scientific discovery of a new species of seaweed, Azurophytae, it is soon discovered that it holds a wealth of medicinal properties, in particular, anti-aging benefits. With this new discovery in hand, United Nations Corporation's Chairman, Reginald Erlichmann, devises a plan to "Save the World" from itself by combining the discovery of the Azurophytae with the science of Cryonics to place a percentage of the population into hibernation for 30 years to give a wounded planet a chance to heal from pollution and over-population. Although embraced by the majority of the world, there are those who do not trust Uni-Corp and suspect that the plan is an attempt at world domination. Amongst these disbelievers is Harold Womack, a man who has spent a lifetime preparing himself and his family for the troubles caused by the sudden appearance of the global United Nations Corporation. The sudden disappearance of Womack’s eldest daughter, an employee of Uni-Corp, begins a search that will take Womack on a journey into a world even he never believed could exist, and into an all out war against Uni-Corp.

“Cerulean Blue will find you turning pages and anticipating more from this author."
- Heather Froeschl,

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